Now through July 25th, visit the Chelsea location of Mitchell-Innes & Nash to view Slip, a group show of seven contemporary artists.

Tonight at 7 p.m., Martin Lawrence Galleries Soho launches their collection of works by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

Birnam Wood/Galleries owner Patrick Dawson showed me around David Datuna's Elements, which showcases iconic figures like Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe.

I recently took a trip to The Suzanne Geiss Company in SoHo.

Located just outside Manhattan, RoGallery has been buying, selling, storing, framing and auctioning off artwork for over 30 years.

Now through February 26th, Fountain Gallery will display TEXTING, a group show of works that incorporate text. The Hell’s Kitchen gallery represents artists with mental illness. TEXTING, curated by Suzanne Murphy, contains over 30 diverse pieces in a variety of formats, from oil paint to pastels to collage.

As with most major cities, certain neighborhoods are known for specific things. Chelsea has always been NYC’s epicenter for art, with numerous galleries linings its western reaches. In recent years, trendy SoHo, the Lower East Side and Tribeca have made names for themselves in the art scene.

This past weekend, I went to SoHo Photo Gallery.

Fountain Gallery, a not-for-profit that represents artists with mental illness, occupies a quiet, corner space in Hell’s Kitchen.

A lot goes into planning a dream wedding: finding the perfect venue, flowers, a knockout dress and, of course, you can’t forget about the exquisite table settings.


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