Abstract Artwork at Agora Gallery

Abstract Artwork at Agora Gallery

“138-7” by Wei Xiong (©Wei Xiong, Agora Gallery)

Chelsea’s Agora Gallery recently expanded their second-floor gallery to include a street-level space directly below their 25th Street location. Currently displayed at Agora, you’ll find two shows: Portals of Perception and The Substance of Abstraction. Both exhibitions, which opened on January 17 and run through February 6, feature a variety of artists focusing on a certain theme.

Last week, I checked out The Substance of Abstraction, which includes works by artists Virgil Carrillo, Wei Xiong and Gerd Rautert. Carrillo’s colorful paintings were reminiscent of soft fabric. “Gusot” and “Butas” were made with wrinkled canvases that looked like blankets. A few other pieces, like “Silohiya,” featured cut-outs that gave the effect of unraveling woven strips. Xiong’s paintings felt like a more abstract take on Claude Monet’s work. Her soft brushstrokes, especially in “138-7,” reminded me of Monet’s reflective water scenes. Rautert’s pieces depicted human silhouettes surrounded by what seemed to me like the insides of their brains. The scribbles and symbols looked like computer wires and math equations, which I interpreted as a comparison between person and machine.

Check out these artworks and more information at agora-gallery.com.

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