Beloved Disney princesses share what really happens after their happily ever afters in Disenchanted!, a heartfelt, side-splitting, sometimes NSFW musical comedy revue.

Go rock out at this recently opened vintage rock ‘n’ roll bar in Alphabet City.

Four actors take on 150 characters in this award-winning stage adaptation of a classic Hitchcock film. And yes, there is a Hitchcock cameo.

Sure, nothing beats the bright lights and razzle dazzle of Broadway—but, sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy an evening of entertainment and walk away having learned something. Enter The Classical Theatre of Harlem.

A dozen years after opening, Avenue Q is still one of the most entertaining shows on the New York stage, thanks to universal themes and raunchy humor.

Nothing is rotten in the St. James Theatre where this musical about the first musical, co-starring The Bard himself, cracks wise eight shows a week.

Just as winter finally ends in NYC, this snowy Russian romance blows into town and onto Broadway.

Fun Home is the most fun you’ll have at a funeral home on Broadway this season. It’ll also rip your heart in half.

On the Town is the musical comedy revival where Fleet Week is crammed into just one day. (Yes, singing and dancing sailors. You’re welcome, Broadway theatergoers.)

Not just an early ‘90s film anymore, Honeymoon in Vegas is a crowd-pleasing stage musical that features a charismatic cast, catchy songs and Elvis. Or rather, multiple Elvises.


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