Sutton Foster Stars in New Musical Violet

Sutton Foster Stars in New Musical Violet

From left to right: Joshua Henry, Colin Donnell and Sutton Foster
(Photo credit: Joan Marcus, 2014)

Earlier this week, I saw a preview of the new Broadway musical Violet, starring Tony Award-winning actress Sutton Foster. The show opens tonight and runs through August 10th. I had been eagerly anticipating the performance, as I loved Foster’s performance in the short-lived ABC Family series Bunheads. Plus, Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of Bunheads and one of my all-time favorite television shows Gilmore Girls, was credited as an associate producer. Luckily, Violet did not disappoint.

Set in the mid-1960’s, the show follows title character Violet (Foster) as she boards a bus to Oklahoma to meet a television preacher. She believes he can heal a scar on her face that has made her feel ugly since she the accident that caused it 12 years ago. Many characters react to the scar with horror, but laugh at her faith when Violet explains her journey to become “pretty.”

On the bus, Violet meets two soldiers, Monty (Colin Donnell) and Flick (Joshua Henry), who help her enjoy her trip and provide comic relief to Violet’s serious and determined personality. Flick especially lifts Violet’s spirits, as he is the first person to ignore her scar and he serenades her with the inspirational tune “Let It Sing.”

Throughout the show, a younger Violet (Emerson Steele, in her Broadway debut) pops in to mirror certain scenes and explain how Violet got her scar. During one particularly standout scene, the two Violets perform “Luck of the Draw.” While the younger learns to play poker with her father (Alexander Gemignani), the older beats Monty and Flick at cards. At the song’s peak, both actresses rake in their winnings from a royal flush in unison.

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