Fall in Love With “Paramour”

Fall in Love With “Paramour”

Cirque du Soleil has been dazzling people for decades with performers doing exciting acrobatic routines for various themed shows. In the U.S., audiences either caught Cirque acts on tour or in Las Vegas. In April 2016, Cirque du Soleil broke new ground by launching a spectacular new act specifically for Broadway—“Paramour.”

The cast of "Paramour" (©Richard Termine)

“Paramour” is a musical about the golden age of Hollywood. The plot centers around an egomaniacal director, A.J. Golden (Jeremy Kushnier), who discovers a red haired young ingénue named Indigo (Ruby Lewis) and he wants her to be both the star of his film and his wife. Indigo is close with a talented composer, Joey Green (Ryan Vona), and the two of them are obviously in love. Golden’s jealousy and need to be in control of every aspect of his film sets up some major conflicts as the audience follows the making of Golden’s musical opus, “Paramour,” from start to finish. 

Like any good rom-com, you root for Indigo and Ruby’s love to triumph over evil, but because this is a Cirque du Soleil show, the intricate acrobatic acts share equal focus throughout the show. Some of the routines are specifically worked into the film that’s being produced on stage, as it showcases a variety of classic stories—including Cleopatra and a Western—which are enhanced by the daring choreography. Other routines are performed to heighten and highlight the drama of the plot, physically representing the emotions and feelings being experienced by Golden, Indigo and Joey.

The Atherton twins performing amazing aerial acrobatics. (©Richard Termine)

I’m grateful “Paramour” was my first experience seeing a Cirque du Soleil show and I thought the songs were as beautiful as all the flips and tricks. It was crazy watching these amazing performers doing high-flying routines on a trapeze, giant seesaw, a hoop and aerial straps. From where I was sitting, the Atherton twins, Andrew and Kevin, were actually soaring overhead and my jaw dropped in awe at the athleticism of these performers. I was terrified but also wildly entertained. “Paramour” is a hybrid circus/musical/rom-com/drama and I couldn’t help but smile and clap enthusiastically for everything that was happening on stage—and above it.

As show-stopping as all the grandiose numbers were, I also very much enjoyed the quieter scenes. For every couple big, showy sequences the audiences were treated to a thoughtful character-driven moment. My favorite character was Joey, the handsome musician who possessed as much common sense as he did guitar and piano skills. His voice of reason—and passion for both Indigo and music—was winsome and really helped drive the story.

Ruby Lewis and Ryan Vona as Indigo and Joey in "Paramour" (©Richard Termine)

“Paramour” is a great way for Cirque du Soleil fans to experience musical theater and for Broadway fans to embrace a new take on an ever-evolving art form. “Paramour” is now playing at the Lyric Theatre on West 42nd St.

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