Discover The History of Boogie-Woogie Music at Boogie Stomp!

Discover The History of Boogie-Woogie Music at Boogie Stomp!

Most people listen to music; but, more often than not, those same people can’t trace the history of their favorite music genre. Sure, most of us remember a few things about major styles from music appreciation class—like gospel inspired blues, which inspired rock ‘n’ roll, and so on and so forth—but when it comes to more concentrated musical genres such as electric,  grunge or even boogie-woogie, most of us are at a loss. If you want to know more about the history of the early 20th century music craze boogie-woogie, then head to The Elektra Theatre to see Boogie Stomp!    

This energetic musical traces the history of boogie-woogie, its impact on American pop culture and its influence on rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop. During the fun-filled show, acclaimed pianists Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza serve as tour guides on a journey through American music. The production tells the story of past and present pianists, including jazz and stride pioneers like Pinetop Perkins, Earl “Fatha” Hines and Otis Spann, as well as keyboardists Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons and Meade “Lux” Lewis and more.

Boogie Stomp!, presented by IYF Productions, runs thru January 16 at The Elektra Theatre. For more information, click here.

Photo: ©Angie Gaffney


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