Dance, Acrobatics and Thrilling Stunts at FORCES by STREB

Dance, Acrobatics and Thrilling Stunts at FORCES by STREB

A few weeks ago, I got to see a thrilling performance of FORCES by STREB, a show that combines dance and acrobatics with death-defying stunts. Choreographer Elizabeth Streb created this amazing show, which runs through December 22nd at Williamsburg’s SLAM. Her company of dancers, STREB, performs what she calls PopAction: a combination of dance, circus acts and stunts. Streb even established the venue where the show is held. SLAM (which stands for STREB Lab for Action Mechanics) not only holds shows and rehearsals, but also offers classes for the public. 

Sitting in the front row at FORCES, I was a little worried that someone or something would fall on me, but once the show started and I saw how the cast and crew have perfected each move in precise detail, I realized this wasn’t likely. I saw these fearless performers narrowly avoid being hit by a large metal bar, fall to the floor from frighteningly high heights and spin inside a large, rotating contraption.

My favorite act, TUMULT, featured dancers climbing up and sliding down an inclined surface. One of the stunts during this act was an imitation of Donkey Kong, where a few performers rolled down the slide, while the others climbed up, jumping over them like Mario jumping over barrels in the Nintendo game.

Check out FORCES now through December 22nd or enroll in a PopAction class at

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