Top 5 Desserts in NYC You Won't Believe Are Vegan

Top 5 Desserts in NYC You Won't Believe Are Vegan

Courtesy Snowdays

NYC is home to many over-the-top dessert creations, whether the restaurant in question is dedicated to sweets or not. The same goes for healthy, vegan and nearly guilt-free treats, you just have to be on the lookout for them. Thankfully, we did the research and found the best sleeper vegan treats in the city.


Coconut Shaved Cream from Snowdays

While some may worry dairy-free desserts are flavorless or boring, Snowdays Shaved Cream Co. is proving them wrong with their naturally-sweetened coconut shaved cream. This sweet treat blends ice and coconut milk to create a creamy ice cream flavor with the light, fluffy texture of snow, all under 200 calories per serving. The dessert is available at all four Snowdays locations and can be customized with an array of vegan toppings or drizzles.

Pumpkin Eclair from Erin Mckenna’s Bakery

While they may be known for their cupcakes, Erin McKenna's Bakery has other sweet tricks up their sleeve, and this vegan pumpkin eclair is one of them. A light and creamy vanilla frosting is sandwiched between two thin and moist pumpkin cakes, then drizzled in chocolate ganache. It's like being a kid again.


Coffee Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen

This ice cream truck turned brick and mortar in Williamsburg (with locations in Manhattan too) has been making unique twists on ice cream for years. Their coffee ice cream is one of the best in town with a strong jolt of espresso. The new vegan Dark Matter has activated charcoal added into its creamy vegan base of raw cashew milk and coconut cream with chunks of housemade crunchy, chewy honeycomb candy. It’s another solid option if coffee isn't your jam.


Vegan Chocolate Cake from Make My Cake

Make My Cake in Harlem is home to sweets of all kinds - from couture custom cakes to homemade pies. Drawing in a fan base of celebrities like Tina Fey, Jay Z, and Vanessa Williams, they have one vegan chocolate cake and it's creamy and delicious. Check out their new shop on the Upper West Side at 775 Columbus Ave.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnut at Dun-Well Doughnuts
The decadent peanut butter and jelly doughnut filled with a not-too-sweet raspberry jam topped with a shiny, peanutty glaze at this Bushwick upstart is light and airy but still substantial—in other words, indistinguishable from its non-vegan counterparts. The bakery also offers a host of interesting yeast-style doughnut flavors like almondine, glazed and flecked with toasted slivered almonds, and snickerdoodle, a tiny powerhouse rolled in cinnamon sugar.


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