Here are a few places to enjoy your first meal of 2015.

There’s something magical about biting into pastries during the holidays—and I got a chance to do that when a special delivery from Breads Bakery arrived at my office.

Skip the cooking and head to an NYC restaurant for your Christmas dinner.

At DUMBO's Burrow, artist Ayako Kurokawa sculpts cookies and cakes—some of which can be made to resemble celebrities, animals or even you.

Torino Restaurant is a new kid in Midtown West and a standout from its many culinary neighbors.

New York City steakhouses are legendary and I recently got a chance to check out one of the city’s latest in the form of Morton’s Grille—the casual little sister to famed Morton’s The Steakhouse.

Seafood restaurant The Wayfarer's Sessions at the Lounge jazz night features good music, tasty snacks and creative cocktails.

For elegant fun this New Year's Eve, put on your festive finest and head to Tribeca Grill.

David Chang's Momofuku Milk Bar creates truly addictive treats that will make you salivate with every bite.

Visiting New York City can feel like home at this time of the year in one of these cozy, classic and creative restaurants—many of which will serve special seasonal delights on November 27, as well as a few international twists on traditional favorites.


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