(Courtesy Sugar Factory)

Candy-colored (and filled) cocktails, insane milkshakes and monster burgers highlight a generous menu of sweet and savory offerings.

Pecan Pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds (©Gentl & Hyers)

Enjoy a slice of pie on this tasty day at any of these NYC locations.

(Courtesy OatMeals)

Celebrate National Oatmeal Month with elevated versions of this staple breakfast food.

Scallops in coconut broth at Burke & Wills (©Erik Fuller)

Enjoy special prix fixe menus from 380 of NYC’s greatest restaurants from January 23 through February 10.

(Photo by Matthew Hamilton)

January is National Soup Month. Check out these 5 great spots to get some!

(Photo by Nirzar Pangarkar)

Celebrate everyone’s favorite food with four of NYC’s most historic pizzerias, as well as a personal favorite.

(Photo by Nashad Abdu)

January is National Hot Tea Month, so make sure to celebrate at these five NYC spots.

(Courtesy Leeroy/Life of Pix)

When picking one dish is just too darn hard, get the buffet option at these NYC restaurants.

Sweet Chick (©Lani Lee)

Here are some places that were either new to me and/or the city this year.

(Courtesy Bar SixtyFive)

Book your researvations now to the best dinners and parties in town!


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