Yotel Opens East & West: A Restaurant Combining Eastern and Western Dishes

Yotel Opens East & West: A Restaurant Combining Eastern and Western Dishes

Over on the west side of midtown Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen micro-hotel Yotel recently opened a spacious new restaurant East & West that combines dishes from the eastern and western worlds. The eatery offers communal dining in the center of the room, more private tables for two or four near the large windows overlooking 10th Avenue and a bar equipped with a large flat-screen TV.

A few weeks ago, I stopped by for lunch and tried a few dishes from both sides of the menu. When I stepped into the building, I was directed to the fourth floor, where the hotel lobby and restaurant are located. Both the hostess and waitress offered plenty of suggestions: their favorites and the most popular options. 

To start, I ordered a cocktail from the East: the Rickshaw, a spicy drink made summery with gin, plum preserves and lime. Also popular is one of their Western options, the vodka-based Countess with muddled cucumber, rose water and lemon. In addition to cocktails, East & West’s menu also includes plenty of beer and wine. 

For my meal, I decided to try three small plates: crab stuffed deviled eggs and a beet salad from the West with Korean Kalbi chicken wings from the East. If you’re looking for a shareable appetizer, the bite-sized eggs are a great choice: served in a mini cast-iron dish on a bed of shredded lettuce. The beet salad could also potentially be shared as the beets come in large chunks. They also come topped with a generous dollop of burrata cheese and a sprinkle of walnuts.  The wings are a little messy to eat, but worth the stickiness for their savory saltiness.

After I finished, the waitress brought out a tray of desserts, which all come in small glasses. They’re the perfect size to try a variety of desserts without getting full. I chose the strawberry shortcake and Oreo cookie cups. While I enjoyed the tangy shortcake, I loved the Oreo dessert. It combines layers of chocolate Oreo cookie with smooth vanilla cream.

Check out the menu and more at yotelnewyork.com/eat-drink/east-west-at-club-lounge.

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