Warm Up This Winter with These Broth-Based Bowls

Warm Up This Winter with These Broth-Based Bowls

The Original Soupman offers five of 47 soup flavors—including Lobster Bisque. (Courtesy The Original Soupman)

Soup is one of the more tasty ways to warm yourself up during these cold winter days. This liquidy goodness has been around for thousands of years and has been a staple food among many cultures worldwide. Here are five great spots around the city where you can get soup—whether from soup-only establishments or restaurants where soup is one of the main features on the menu.

Saigon Shack (Greenwich Village): This Vietnamese restaurant is popular for its Pho—a Vietnamese rice noodle soup that is traditionally made with broth and thinly sliced raw beef. In addition to this classic dish, Saigon Shack also offers pho made with grilled lemongrass chicken, grilled pork chops, brisket, vegetarian (with seasoned soy protein) and a spicy version.

Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle (Lower East Side/Chinatown): This no-frills, cash-only nook offers hand-pulled noodle soups with beefy broths. With over a dozen soups to choose from—from beef brisket to fish ball to steamed pork and more—there is something for all tastes. All soups (and dumpling side dishes) are less than $10.

Brodo (West Village and East Village): If your favorite part of soup is the broth, head to Brodo—because bone broth is the only thing on the menu! There are about a dozen different concoctions available for savory, sip-able to-go options, or customers can come up with their own combinations of basic broths, herbs, Asian condiments and other mix-ins.

Soup Spot (Midtown West): From a master list of over 200 different soups (beef, chicken, turkey, other meats, potato, seafood and vegetable), the restaurant makes nearly 20 of them daily, from scratch! Located right near Madison Square Garden.

The Original Soupman (two Midtown West locations): Despite the famous “No soup for you!” scene from “Seinfeld,” there is plenty of soup for you at The Original Soupman, though it is better for everyone in line if you know what soup you want, have your money ready and move to the left after you’ve placed your order. (Those are soup master Al Yeganeh’s rules, not mine, I’m just the messenger.) Every day, five soups from a list of 47 are available.

The line is worth the wait at The Original Soupman. This photo is from when the original location on W. 55th St/Eighth Ave. reopened back in July 2010. (Courtesy The Original Soupman)

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