Valentine’s Day Tips from Martha Stewart

Valentine’s Day Tips from Martha Stewart

A lot of questions arise when planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for your significant other. What flowers do you choose? Romantic activities? And, what about the food? The solution? Ask an expert! Martha Stewart—the queen of all things pretty—shares with DAILY NYC her tips for pulling off this romantic day without a hitch. 

DAILY NYC: A pretty floral arrangement is a “must” Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie. Any suggestions for the perfect bouquet?
Martha Stewart: For Valentine’s Day flowers, you can’t go wrong with peonies. I have a fondness for China, and peonies originated there. I grow tree peonies in all my gardens—they’re such exquisite flowers! When choosing flowers for your arrangement, begin by finding one flower that you know the recipient will like, and then build from that. To keep your Valentine’s arrangement fresh, add a couple drops of bleach to cut down on bacteria build up. And always make sure your water levels are high and your thermostat is on low.

DAILY NYC: So now we know how to go about picking the perfect posies…now for the food. Is there a particular cuisine you like and place you’d recommend?
Martha Stewart: My favorite type of food is Japanese, which I’d probably choose for a Valentine’s Day date. EN Brasseriein the West Village is a favorite. I love sitting at the sushi bar and having them cook for me. Also, Sushi Yasuda, which is really expensive but delicious food.

DAILY NYC: What’s the most romantic way to show your significant other you care on Valentine’s Day?
Martha Stewart: There’s no better way to show your love and affection than by treating your beloved to a special Valentine’sbreakfast in bed. A go-to is New York-Style Crumb Cake, which is featured in my most recent book, Martha Stewart’s Cakes. This recipe hits all the right notes: rich buttermilk cake topped with a thick layer of sugary, buttery cinnamon-spiked crumbs. The cake can be made in advance and stored at room temperature, covered, up to five days so you can pop it in the oven on Valentine’s Day morning and not have to worry about spending too much time in the kitchen. Serve it to your special someone in bed with a warm, homemade cappuccino.

For Martha’s New York-Style Crumb Cake recipe, click here. Martha also shared with us her Buckwheat Waffles with Fresh Ricotta and Citrus recipe. Check out all the yummy goodness here.

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