Turkish Delicacies in Fort Greene

Turkish Delicacies in Fort Greene

Although Park Slope is normally the setting for my Brooklyn adventures, I recently enjoyed a casual evening in Fort Greene, another popular BK ‘hood. A who’s who of authors and artists have called this historic downtown district home—from legendary writers Walt Whitman and John Steinbeck to art world royalty like painter David Salle and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe to soulful songstresses Erykah Badu and Patti Smith. It’s only fitting an area that attracts so many artists is also home to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (or BAM), a major hub for the performing arts.

It was a trip to see a movie in the venue’s theater that brought me to Fort Greene on a sleepy Sunday night. The beau and I knew what we were going to see but decided popcorn and gummy bears wouldn’t make for a proper meal. With time to kill, we walked along Fulton Street (the area’s main thoroughfare) looking for a casual yet lively dinner destination. Not far into our walk, we stumbled upon Deniz Restaurant, a Turkish and Mediterranean eatery that occupies the corner of Fulton and S. Elliott Place.

Compared to several BK restaurants, this place is huge—giving us ample room to spread out, people-watch from the large glass windows and peruse the extensive menu of appetizers (think hummus, eggplant salads and stuffed grape leaves), main courses of the grilled meat and succulent seafood variety and delectable Mediterranean desserts. We opted to begin the meal with a creamy plate of hummus, paired with warm, flaky bread for dipping. After our carb fix, we enjoyed protein-packed entrées, including the Mediterranean Salad, a colorful mix of fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, corn, red onion, feta cheese and chicken teriyaki; and the Beef Shish, an overflowing plate of Turkish-style marinated prime beef skewers with salad and flavorful rice.

I must say, I liked the meal far more than the movie (I saw The Witch by the way) and plan to return to the restaurant for pre-theater dining. If you find yourself looking for dinner plans before or after seeing a show at BAM, check out this Fort Greene outpost. You won’t be disappointed. For more information, click here.    


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