A Taste of Summer

A Taste of Summer

Turkey Meatballs and tea service. (Courtesy Bosie Tea Parlor)

When you think of a tea, your thoughts might jump to a steamy cup to enjoy on a blustery day. Bosie Tea Parlor will change your mind about how to enjoy tea year-round. Embracing the summer months, every single one of Bosie Tea Parlor’s dozens of teas can be transformed into a refreshing glass of cold iced tea. Sip your favorite flavor over ice and cool off while this steamy New York weather tries to keep us down.

Coffee-lovers don’t despair: Bosie Tea Parlor serves coffee as well, both hot and iced. This tea parlor partakes in the recent trend of making cold brew coffee for those of you who fancy your ice cold coffee without the bitter taste.

In addition to the wide drink selection, including an all-European wine list and select beers, Bosie Tea Parlor offers a generous menu filled with items to delight any appetite, whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or are looking for something heartier. 

Third generation French Pastry Chef Damien Herrgott handcrafts world-class pastries and macarons, perfect to pair with your beverage of choice. Chocolate eclairs, Darjeeling tarts and raspberry Montebello are some of the decadent treats on the list of available pastries. A majority of the macarons are gluten free and flavors include salted caramel, dark chocolate, jasmine and mochaccino, just to name a few.

Bosie Tea Parlor also provides guests with a variety of savory options that are as health-conscious as they are filling. Meatballs made from fresh ground turkey meat mixed with breadcrumbs, parmesan and Italian herbs are served alongside cheese and herb popovers, as well as greens. The wild salmon cakes are Paleo-friendly and made with sweet potato and almond flour. These light cakes are served with a fennel, arugula and pomegranate seed salad. Tasty quiches and paninis are available as well.

Best known for their tea service and tea sandwiches (including cucumber, chicken breast, smoked salmon and cheddar cheese), Bosie Tea Parlor is open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays, brunch on the weekend and dinner nightly. There is also a catering service to provide culinary support for your special event.

Located at 10 Morton St., Bosie Tea Parlor invites you to make any time tea time.

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