Sweet Treats and More at Sugar Factory

Sweet Treats and More at Sugar Factory

The bar area on the first floor of the three-floor Sugar Factory Meatpacking location (Courtesy Sugar Factory)

I recently went to Sugar Factory in the Meatpacking District for lunch and now understand why it is the most Instagrammed restaurant in the whole United States.

Scroll through the menu for yourself and ogle at the crazy-colorful confections and smoking goblets filled to the brim with premium alcohols and candy. (Non-alcoholic versions are available as well.) While dining, I had fun people-watching and marveled beverages of choice around the room. A bit of liquid nitrogen is added to the goblets to create the fog affect, making an already aesthetically pleasing drink that much more magical.

If milkshakes are more your style, Sugar Factory offers old fashioned shakes of blended ice cream, soft serve and/or gelato with toppings (in flavors like Chocolate Cookie Jar, Very Berry Blast and The Snowflake), as well as “insane” shakes that are topped with everything from a mini bacon cheeseburger, cotton candy, a slice of cheesecake, a Twinkie and more. For additional decadence, insane milkshakes are served in chocolate and toppings-covered mugs. The woman at the table next to mine ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger Milkshake and, yes, it was topped with an actual mini cheeseburger and there was also a candy bacon strip (among other treats) tucked into the top of the shake. 

Though I didn’t order any crazy drinks this time, I was extremely pleased with my order—grilled chicken sandwich and hand cut fries. The savory portion of Sugar Factory’s menu also includes soups, salads, crêpes, pastas, seafood, ample brunch options and monster burgers. These towering creations all start with grass fed Angus beef and then are topped with an array of accouterments, based on the burger. For example, “The Big Cheesy” has mac & cheese and bacon on it, while “Down South” has spicy chili beans and Mexican cheese. 

The sweets pages of Sugar Factory’s menu are, as expected, epic. In addition to those milkshakes, there are colorful cocktails and martinis, hot and frosty hot chocolate choices, premium (and super fun premium) chocolate fondues with signature dippers and toppings, ice cream sundaes for two, a King Kong Sundae for 12 (24 scoops of ice cream and loads of toppings, including giant lollipops and sparklers), gourmet ice cream sandwiches, cakes and pies. I opted for the key lime pie, served with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. It was light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer’s day, even though I was enjoying it on a dreary winter one. 

No matter what the weather outside, though, inside Sugar Factory it’s always sunny. You can’t help but smile at the sweets-centric surroundings that include rows and rows of candy in a retail area at the front of the restaurant, including Sugar Factory’s celebrity-endorsed Couture Pops (colorful lollipops with bejeweled sticks). Sure, I’m in my 30s, but that didn’t stop me from giggling with glee as my colleague and I decided to get some gummy sharks to bring back to our office.

The Meatpacking District is one of three Sugar Factory locations in the city. There is also a Sugar Factory in the heart of the Threater District at The Row, as well as a brand new Sugar Factory on the Upper West Side. Opening in February, the Sugar Factory at 1991 Broadway will offer the same great menu and retail space as the Meatpacking location, with the addition of a café-style counter near its entrance, providing guests with comfortable seating and a to-go style window that will have artisanal macarons, sweet and savory pizzas, specialty coffees, year-round ice cream and gelato and more.

For more information about Sugar Factory’s New York locations, as well as those around the world, click here.

Find signature sweets in the retail section of each Sugar Factory! (Courtesy Sugar Factory)

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