Stay Warm with 6 Spots for Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa

Stay Warm with 6 Spots for Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa

A maple latte from Gorilla Coffee

There may be piles of snow and below-freezing temperatures outside, but inside these cozy NYC coffee shops you can keep warm with a hot beverage. Here are some of our favorite spots for coffee, tea or hot chocolate:

The NYC offshoot of Portland, Oregon’s Stumptown Coffee Roasters has garnered a reputation as one of the best places for a cup of coffee in Manhattan—as evidenced by the long line snaking around the shop.

At Midtown East’s Little Collins, you’ll find a ModBar, a state of the art coffee- and espresso-brewing system that improves consistency. The shop—that brews blends from brands like sustainably dedicated Counter Culture—also offers a menu of unique breakfast and lunch snacks. One of the most popular is the Smash: avocado and feta “smashed” on toast with chili flakes and pumpkin seeds.

The ModBar at Little Collins

The café at Housing Works Bookstore and Café serves high-quality Intelligentsia coffee and espresso drinks. Take your drink to go or stay in the store and peruse its wide selection of used books. The best part is that Housing Works is a charitable organization and proceeds go directly to healthcare services and advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Over in Park Slope, find a unique flavor of latte at Gorilla Coffee. This Brooklyn-based brand has two shops located a few blocks apart and serves maple lattes, among other espresso-based beverages.

Inside Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Though its Annual Hot Chocolate Festival ended last week, you can still order a cup of extra-thick cocoa at City Bakery. It may not be as unique as some of the festival’s flavors—including beer, chili pepper, caramel and lemon—but it still comes with an extra-large, homemade marshmallow.

As the name suggests, Sanctuary T is a haven for tea lovers with tea-infused mixed drinks or just straight hot tea. The restaurant offers plenty of varieties, from basics like Earl Gray to more interesting flavors like tiramisu. Plus, each cup comes with a side of rock candy in lieu of sugar.

Additional reporting by Mackenzie Allison.

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