San Fran Street Food Now Available in Harlem

San Fran Street Food Now Available in Harlem

Harlem has always been known as the No. 1 place to get authentic soul food in NYC. The neighborhood above 125th Street is still the perfect locale to dig into savory mac and cheese, buttery waffles with crisp fried chicken and more at plenty of establishments, but, recently, the neighborhood has evolved to include so much more.

From French fare to Indian delicacies, Harlem is now home to a wide range of culinary experiences, offering international cuisine as well as regional bites. When it comes to the latter, those that enjoy San Francisco-style street food can get their fix at Sexy Taco/Dirty Cash.

The new 50-seater opened up shop on Lenox Avenue, aka Harlem’s “Restaurant Row,” this past month. At the brand-new eatery, foodies can enjoy Golden State comfort food of the Cali-style burritos, tacos, nachos and guac variety. Need specifics? Expect flavorful tacos like the Chicken a la Cubana, a mix of chicken, roasted tomatoes, white wine, chipotle and adobo; the Butter Chicken burrito with marinated boneless chicken and tomato yogurt curry; Zapatos (pressed burritos) filled with chicken cubana, veggies or even cheeseburger and served with beans, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and romaine lettuce; the health-conscious Nekkit Burritos, featuring all the fillings minus the carb tortilla; plus salads, burgers and more.   

Patrons can wash down the restaurant’s offerings with creative cocktails like the Thai Me Up—a mix of Plantation Dark Rum, maple syrup, coconut milk and Thai black tea—while taking in views of bustling Lenox Ave. and the restaurant’s colorful pulp décor.

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