A Piece of Almond-Flavored Heaven at Cannelle Patisserie

A Piece of Almond-Flavored Heaven at Cannelle Patisserie

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to walk around Queens and get lunch at one of the food trucks parked along Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights. After trying a few small dishes, we headed north to Cannelle Patisserie: a French bakery known for their decadent croissants, cakes and pastries.

Approaching the address, we realized that Cannelle is located in a strip mall, almost hidden from view in the shadow of a supermarket—you’d barely even notice it was there if you weren’t looking. Inside the space, a line stretched along the display cases, proving that location isn’t always important to reach your audience.

Immediately I decided on the Choux Chantilly, which appears to be a danish, topped with cream, then almonds, then a cream puff, then more almonds. Then I noticed the Paris-Brest, almond-flavored cream sandwiched between two almond and powdered sugar topped doughnut-shaped pastries. After careful consideration, I opted for the more almond-filled dessert: the Paris-Brest, which did not disappoint. The cream was light and fluffy, while the outer pastries were a little crunchy, but not too hard. Best of all, Cannelle’s desserts come in generous, shareable portions—though they taste so good you probably won’t want to share.

Head out to Queens and try one for yourself. The bakery also offers coffee, sandwiches and even wedding cakes. For more information, visit cannellepatisserie.com.

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