Perfect Pairings at Sweet Revenge

Perfect Pairings at Sweet Revenge

(©Carmen Bautista)

Marlo Scott, who opened Sweet Revenge in 2007, adds very personal ideals to the model of her business, focusing it around what she considers to be fundamental happiness: her love for sweets, travel and adventure. The bar/café/pastry shop is mostly known for its ability to pair cupcakes with their ideal wine or beer combination based on taste or consistency.

Although most people will visit for the fun combinations, Sweet Revenge also offers the option of brunch, lunch and individual bar drinks. The dishes are usually not very large or high end, but they match the coziness of the bar. Located in the West Village, the location is a great place to catch up with a friend or take someone out on a date. There is no overwhelmingly loud music playing, its dimly lit but still bright enough for you to clearly see everything, and while it does get full on weekend nights, it isn’t impossible to get a seat at any particular time of the day.

(©Carmen Bautista)

My experience with Sweet Revenge has always been romantic. There’s something special about love and sweets mixed together in one place. Needless to say, Sweet Revenge makes me happy. Last time I went, I tried the Casablanca, which is a strawberry cupcake awesomely paired with a Fruli Strawberry White Belgian beer. If you haven’t tried a fruit-flavored Belgian beer, put it at the top of your to-do list because it’s one of the only beers you’ll ever have that manages to blend fruity flavors without making them into wine coolers or just straight up juice. The combination was pleasantly surprising. I was hesitant at first because both the cupcake and the drink were strawberry flavored and the combination seemed predictable, but truthfully it made for a good contrast. While the cupcake was smooth and sweet and heavy, the beer was soft and fizzy enough to still feel like a refreshing change without tweaking my palate.

What should really encourage you to take the trek to Sweet Revenge is the well-stocked bar. The cupcakes are delicious, but they aren’t bringing anything too new or rare to the cupcake scene. However, the creative combinations do make for enough curiosity. You’ll find that SR has everything from South African wine to double chocolate stouts. The menu offers a large variety of options within the wine and beer sections, making it that much harder to make up your mind. Like many other small NYC locations looking for new ways to stay afloat, SR offers really amazing sounding workshops that include business plan writing courses, drink and dessert pairing courses, and a how-to class on opening your own café.

In a city with a million bars to visit, hundreds of happy hours to choose from, and a competitive nightlife line up, Sweet Revenge lends itself to something that’s simply friendly and inviting. Regardless of what you are feeling vengeful about, Sweet Revenge has your poison.


Thank you, thank you for your awesome story on my restaurant & wine bar. I so appreciate that you enjoyed my place and wrote such fantastic props about your experience. Thank you for spreading the word about my small business. I'd love to meet you and thank you in person when you head to SR again. If you want to try our waffle, bellini & beer pairings on the house, I'd love love love to treat you to brunch!
many, many thanks & cheers,
Marlo Scott
Sweet Revenge

Marlo, it was my pleasure to write about SR. Its one of those places that I enjoy the most - inviting, creative, and delicious. I'm so so glad that you read this and got to hear it directly from me. I would be honored to come by SR soon to meet you!

Thank you for your lovely response. Please let me know what works for your schedule to get acquainted and to fall in love with our Belgian waffle, Bellini & beer pairings! I'm looking forward to thanking you in person! Cheers, Marlo

Hi Marlo, sorry for the late response. I am honored to take on your offer. I'm free at noon on Saturday the 21st. Would that be a good time for you?

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