Pepper Lunch Japanese DIY Steak Spot Opens in Chelsea Next Week

Pepper Lunch Japanese DIY Steak Spot Opens in Chelsea Next Week

Angus Chuck Steak (Courtesy Pepper Lunch)

Pepper Lunch, a Japanese fast-casual concept has been around since 1994 and is currently 16 countries all over the world, including Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. This highly popular DIY approach creates a customized experience for every guest. I had the pleasure of experiencing Pepper Lunch at its newest location in Chelsea on Seventh Ave. (between 19th and 20th St.) this week. This is the second location the teppan restaurant has opened this year the other located in Midtown on 54th Street. 


In celebration of its newest addition, Pepper Lunch customers select wines and sake for $5 from July 3rd to July 10th. I’m a huge sake fan so I took advantage of this awesome deal and ordered both the strawberry and sesame flavors that came in the most adorable glasses and tasted delicious.  

Staying true to their “cook-it-your-way” concept, Pepper Lunch Chelsea provides guests with a fun and interactive dining experience and high-quality food at reasonable prices. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the staff in unison and will have to order at the counter before getting seated. You will then be served your dish on a personal-sized teppan iron platter heated to 500ºF within one minute. My favorite part is hearing the “sizzling” ingredients as they cook to my preferred temperature. The teppan remains hot for more than 20 minutes, so your meal stays warm until the very last bite! That’s a win-win. 

Sesame and Strawberry flavored Sake (©Farah Lopez)


Besides the Pepper Rice with a variety of signature flavors, Angus Steaks, Pepper Lunch Chelsea is launching new dishes including Shrimp Pepper Rice ($15), Seafood Pepper Rice ($17), and the dessert Matcha Cake ($4). I ordered the new seafood pepper rice and the classic beef pepper rice and both were packed with amazing flavor and with that sizzling platter I was able to get an awesome sear on the shredded beef without overcooking. I also personally love when the rice gets a little crispy on the bottom of the platter. When you mix all the ingredients together you get this fantastic blend of textures and flavors. For the price I could eat here everyday without breaking the bank.   


Here are some other cool menu items worth checking out as well: The steak combo which features two different kinds of steaks on one plate including Angus sirloin steak and chicken combo ($17.50) and diced angus steak and hamburger ($17.50). The beef steak sizzling curry ($17.50) or hamburger sizzling curry ($16.50) is served with rice; and you can pour curry sauce in the sizzling platter. Pepper Lunch Chelsea officially opens Wednesday, July 3rd if you can’t wait head over to the Midtown location this week. You won’t regret it.

Seafood Pepper Rice (Courtesy Pepper Lunch)

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