A New Way to Dine Has Come to Chelsea Market

A New Way to Dine Has Come to Chelsea Market


Blackbarn Café (©Farah Lopez)


I love Chelsea Market. I find myself losing hours just weaving in and out of all those niche shops, spending way more than I can afford, and buying my weight in spices and kitchen gadgets I’ll probably use once. But last week, I was invited to Blackbarn in Chelsea Market a home goods store, café and bar, where you can dine and shop for your home in an open and industrial space.


Blackbarn’s retail shop gives you a West-Elm-meets-Anthropology feel and I LOVE IT.  By introducing “Foods for the Home,” Blackbarn gives you the ability to recreate the café's signature dishes and add that professional touch to your own kitchen. I spoke to Chef John Doherty, the mastermind behind the brand and he shared his vision for this new venture. “Each of these items make it simple to recreate high-quality restaurant-style meals in the comfort of home,” he says. “Like the flavor profiles at Blackbarn [restaurant], they range from rich and robust aromatics to delicate sweet balances, something for every palate,” he continues, “We plan to expand the line with more savory items like cooking sauces, spices and rubs later this year.”


Chef John Doherty is collaborating with award-winning designer Mark Zeff to bring together a collection that includes furniture pieces from around the world, one-of-a-kind decor including Balinese tribal necklaces, Moroccan platters, unique flatware and stone dinnerware as well as a debut line of preserves (the curried apple and coconut marmalade is unreal,) black and white truffle products, chocolates, coffee, hot chocolate, and caramels.


“Now, not only can you purchase the dishes and decor that inspire you during your dining experience, you can bring home the food items you love,” says Mark Zeff. I can’t even count how many times I’ve fallen in love with not just the menu at a restaurant but the chairs, the flatware and dinnerware etc. How fantastic would it be to finish a great meal and walk directly into the home goods store and pick up everything you need to create that dish, that ambiance, that hygge all while it’s still fresh in your mind? Genius.


All Blackbarn’s “Foods for the Home” are available through the online shop and in person at Blackbarn shop, café, and bar in Chelsea Market at 75 9th Ave.


A portion of all profits from the line will be donated to Chef Doherty’s Heavenly Harvest Foundation, which creates nutritious, shelf-stable meals for those in need.


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