My Favorite (Sweet) Things

My Favorite (Sweet) Things

Grapefuit Givré at Boulud Sud (P Wagtouicz)

While, in general, I do not have a sweet tooth—savory has always been my thing—I have been thinking fondly, as of late, about some of my favorite desserts in NYC restaurants. Three popped into my head almost immediately, so memorable were the eating experiences. And so I thought, in this month of all things sweet, I would share them.

At Boulud Sud, the Grapefruit Givré just has to be seen, and then eaten, to fully understand the taste sensations that are experienced. A combination of halvah, a super-sweet, Middle East confection that uses sesame flour and honey, is shredded and inserted into a carved-out grapefruit that winds up looking like a volcanic explosion. But, never mind the aesthetic appeal, the flavor is out of this world, a combination of citrus, sugar, and cotton-candy like texture that will have you exclaiming in between every bite. (20 W. 64th St., 212.595.1313)

Del Frisco’s Six-Layer Doberge Lemon Cake

Speaking of citrus, the lemon cake at Del Frisco’s of New York is not for the weak-of-stomach. The six-layer lemon cake, with buttercream icing, is so outrageously pleasing, from the light, spongelike cake filling to the rich, sugary and creamy icing, that you will try your best to finish off the entire slice, which easily could feed a family of four. (1221 Sixth Ave., 212.575.5129)

Junior’s Cheesecake (©Junior’s Cheesecake)

Finally, the tried and true. Though in general, cheesecake is not my first choice of dessert, whenever I go to the W. 45th St. Junior’s restaurant, I simply can not NOT order a slice. The cheesecake, baked exactly the same way since the 1950s, involves (in the making of one entire cake), four packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and a filling that is beaten with sugar and cornstarch, vanilla eggs and heavy cream until it is billowy. Billowy is the right word for the flavor and texture, and the size that I feel after I have this for dessert, but never mind. It’s ALL worth it. (1515 Broadway, 212.302.2000)



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