Murray's Celebrates National Grilled Cheese Day ALL WEEK LONG

Murray's Celebrates National Grilled Cheese Day ALL WEEK LONG


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Murray’s Cheese is dedicating the month of April to appreciating the magical creation between oozing, melty cheese and buttery, grilled bread, to make the perfect sandwich, the grilled cheese. For the first 11 days of April, leading up to National Grilled Cheese Day (April 12), features  a different special grilled cheese sandwich each day at the Melts counter at the Bleecker Street flagship store (254 Bleecker St.)

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, Friday, April 12, Murray’s will be offering $1.12 Murray’s Melts to celebrate this cheesy day of the year. Stop by the Bleecker Street store (254 Bleecker) from 8am – 4:30pm  to enjoy the signature Murray’s Melt with our secret blend of cheeses to make for the perfect cheese pull to kick off the weekend! All of the grilled cheeses Murray’s is offering, day by day from April 1- 11, are listed below with the corresponding date and description.


April 6 – The I’ll Brie Back

Double crème brie, pickled red onions, smoked turkey, and basil pesto


April 7 – The Loads of Cloves

Mozzarella, fontina, garlic spread, pepperoni, and roasted tomatoes


April 8 – The Hammy Sammy

Swiss cheese, smoked turkey, ham, maple syrup, and a fried egg


April 9 – The Sante Fe Turkey

Smoked Gouda, smoked turkey, peppadews, spinach, and chipotle aioli


April 10 – The Cubano

Swiss cheese, Applewood smoked ham, Dijon mustard, porchetta, and McClure’s relish


April 11 – The French Onion

French raclette, cornichons, and French onion confit


April 12 – National Grilled Cheese Day - $1.12 Murray’s Melts


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