Make Valentine’s Day the Sweetest with Treats From These 5 Shops

Make Valentine’s Day the Sweetest with Treats From These 5 Shops

(Courtesy Schmackary's)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re in the city today and are in need of a Valentine’s Day sweet for your sweetie—or want to treat yourself because you deserve something yummy today just for being you—here are five great spots to stop by for some festive edibles: 


Schmackary’s (Hell’s Kitchen): As Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday—the menu rotates daily—you can snag some Valentine’s-esque flavors that are offered this month including Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Chocolate Diablo (made with cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper, cinnamon and paprika) and Strawberries & Cream, as well as Red Velvet cookies (which are available everyday).


Li-Lac Chocolates (Grand Central Terminal, West Village, Greenwich Village, Chelsea Market and Sunset Park, Brooklyn): A Manhattan staple since 1923, Li-Lac has all sorts of heart-shaped gift boxes and fresh chocolates to satisfy any sweet tooth. From gourmet truffles to chocolate-dipped fruits, solid chocolates, chocolate-covered caramels, nougat-filled chocolates, as well as sugar free or dairy free options for those with dietary restrictions, Li-Lac Chocolates has sweets for all your chocolate needs.


Padoca Bakery (Upper East Side): This bakery’s menu changes with the seasons and there are always seasonal muffins, cakes and brownies being baked. Pastry Chef Rachel Binder has crafted some Valentine’s-specific treats. Pick up some decorated heart-shaped sugar cookies, heart-shaped red velvet brownies and festively frosted mini chocolate cupcakes today.


Le District (Battery Park City): Located in Brookfield Place, Le District is a French marketplace with a Café District (coffee, pastries, French treats), Market District (sit-down dining and retail culinary experiences) and Garden District (pick up fresh produce and other daily essentials). Swing by to select some fresh flowers, French chocolates and other sweet Valentine’s Day-themed treats!


Ladurée (Upper East Side and SoHo): Fresh macarons are the height of decadence and deliciousness, so be sure to stop by Ladurée for a selection of these colorful confections. Get creative and make up a gift box with macarons in Valentine’s Day-appropriate colors or an assortment of your Valentine's—or your—favorite flavors! 


Yuuuuum... macarons! (Courtesy Tatiana Lapina)


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