It’s All About The Beet

It’s All About The Beet

Beets are one of those foods you either love…or don’t think anything about. When it comes to the vibrant purple-hued vegetable, I have to say I’ve always fallen in the latter category. But, recently, I have a newfound appreciation for the manganese-packed food. Besides a standard salad topping, the root-vegetable goes great with goat cheese and also adds a savory bite to burgers.

In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn there’s even a restaurant that understands the culinary power of the beet. That restaurant is the aptly named Brooklyn Beet Company. The low-key eatery rests on bustling Third Avenue in the heart of Bay Ridge but evokes a hipster-esque vibe that can be found a little farther north in twentysomething havens like Park Slope and Fort Greene.

The narrow eatery, with exposed brick walls and industrial accents, is pretty sparse when it comes to décor, save for a long shelf that prominently displays rows and rows of the restaurant’s homemade sauces.

Whether you prefer the familiarity of tomatoey ketchup or want to try the beet ketchup that packs a bit of a kick, any condiment adds bold flavor to the restaurant’s extensive menu of Central European fare.

I’ve enjoyed brunch in the restaurant’s peaceful back patio and added a few dabs of beet ketchup to the farm-style, oven-baked eggs—an overflowing dish of bubbly eggs, with house-cured ham, baby spinach, shallots and flavorful Alpine Asiago cheese. I can’t wait to go back and try one of the sausage dishes or the famed Korzo burger—a juicy patty incased in a deep-fried Langos bun. Of course, I’ll have to wash down my meal with a signature B’klyn Beet Tini and possibly take home an order of roasted red beets for late-night snacking.

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