Indulge in Creative Cuisine and Culture at Kola House

Indulge in Creative Cuisine and Culture at Kola House

Kola House is the American restaurant located in a prime location where the Meatpacking District and Chelsea and border. Still newish to the area—the stylish spot opened in September 2016—Kola House serves inventive eats and curated cocktails inspired by and infused with its namesake: the kola nut.

If kola nut reminds you of the word “cola,” you’re on the right track. This caffeine-rich nut from Africa is used as flavoring in soft drinks. And speaking of soft drinks, Kola House is owned by PepsiCo—the parent company of Pepsi. 

The popular soda is not the main attraction at Kola House, though—the food, cocktails and entertainment are. In addition to the thoughtful menu, the venue hosts live music and other cultural events. It’s fitting that rock icon Lenny Kravitz’s design firm, Kravitz Design Inc., created the hospitality venue’s look. 

Executive Chef Jon Feshan uses fresh ingredients, locally sourced when possible, for a menu that includes whole wheat pizzas, whole branzino, and chicken for two (chicken prepared two ways—roasted and fried—with potatoes two ways and pickled vegetables).

The cocktail list, created by alchemist/bartender Alex Ott, contains a list of drinks with famous song lyric phrase names including “Cross-Fire Hurricane” (Aperol, lime, pomegranate and bubbles) and “Hot Sauce in My Bag” (Milagro tequila, poblano chile, lemon, apricot and optional Tabasco sauce).

Kola House is open Monday through Saturday, starting at 5:30 pm each night. Reservations are suggested and can be made by emailing, calling 646.869.8873 or clicking here.

Kola House is located at 408 W. 15th St., btw Ninth & 10th aves.

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