French Food and Live Entertainment at Fada in Brooklyn

French Food and Live Entertainment at Fada in Brooklyn

Crumble of the day at Fada

Located in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in all of NYC, Williamsburg’s Fada has the kind of vibe that is regularly found in the East or West Village. The food is great, the ambience is true to tradition, and most of the crowd seems to be very familiar with the menu. Fada is a place for regulars. Serving French cuisine with roots in Marseilles, it truly does have a je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from most other establishments in the neighborhood.

Fada’s menu features a selection of mussels, which I spotted on many tables throughout the restaurant. These morsels range in diversity, spanning from Mexican ingredients, Mediterranean and even Thai. However, diners will also find many mussel options that stay true to the restaurant’s French background, such as Bouillabaisse: mussels in a lobster and fish broth, white fish fillet, croutons, grulliere and aioli. You’ll also find the classic recipe Marinieres: mussels in sauce made of shallots, garlic, thyme and white wine.

Calamari in pastis at Fada

I had a lot of fun with Fada’s appetizers, my favorite of which was the breaded calamari sautéed in pastis—an amazingly subtle yet flavorful dish that’s both a bit crunchy and a bit sweet. My curiosity for this selection was mainly based around the use of the aforementioned pastis— a French liquor that is served by adding water to taste. Pastis, most famously known as Ricarde, has an anise flavor comparable to absinthe, but a little softer and not as brutally intoxicating. It was used very creatively in the calamari dish, but it is easily enjoyed as a drink too, as most French restaurants know how to serve it correctly.

Not every night is a party at Fada, but there are some nights when quality entertainment can absolutely be found here. The restaurant regularly features Stephane Wrembel, whom I’ve seen at Park Slope’s Barbes. Wrembel brings his amazing Gypsy jazz guitar and equally talented band to the restaurant once a month. On other special nights, visitors can enjoy a fantastic Argentinian tango dance performance during their meal. Essentially, there are nights at Fada that go beyond amazing dishes and comforting lighting. The staff cares about providing a very well-rounded experience here, and I’m sure this is why they have such a loyal crowd.

It is also worth mentioning that Fada has an amazingly beautiful back area that can be rented for private parties and special events. The space is large, opens up in the summertime and manages to be fancy enough for a formal affair or charming enough for a birthday dinner. Pair this with the amazing dishes, friendly staff and convenient location, and you have yourself the perfect excuse for a party.

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