Enjoy Tasty Oatmeal at These 5 Hot Spots

Enjoy Tasty Oatmeal at These 5 Hot Spots

Dozens of oatmeal/toppings combinations are available at OatMeals (Courtesy OatMeals)

I love oatmeal—always have, always will—and it is something I make at least once a week for breakfast, often with a chopped up apple, honey, peanut butter and some sort of chocolate (usually M&M’s). January is National Oatmeal Month and NYC has some great spots where you can get a warm bowl of this comforting dish.

OatMeals (Greenwich Village): Chef/Founder Sam Stephens opened this all-oatmeal café in 2012 that offers signature bowls with predetermined toppings/flavors, build-your-own bowl options, as well as oat-based pastries and treats. There are sweet bowls of oatmeal (strawberry shortcake, s’mores, salted caramel apple and more), as well as savory concoctions (Chinese style congee porridge, truffle risOATto, and The Elvis—peanut butter, banana, bacon, honey and sea salt—among others). Oatmeal bowls come in three sizes: Baby Bear (8 oz), Mama Bear (12 oz) and Papa Bear (16 oz). 

Liquiteria (East Village, Chelsea, West Village and two locations in Union Square): This haven for cold pressed juice also offers some of the most popular oatmeal in the city. Steel cut oatmeal bowls include Berry Blend (strawberry, blueberry, banana and honey), Protein Power (almond and peanut butters, banana and granola) and The Classic (apple, cinnamon, raisins and walnuts). 

11th Street Cafe (West Village): Owned by husband and wife, Philippe and Maud Bonsignour, this family-friendly casual café has everything from breakfast sandwiches to egg dishes to bagels and pastries. The steel-cut oatmeal, available plain or with toppings (like fruit), is praised among Yelp users for being wonderful and delicious.

Norma’s (Midtown West): This kid-friendly restaurant at Le Parker Meridien has upscale versions of all sorts of breakfast favorites from pancakes to breakfast burritos to French toast and more. The oatmeal is not your average oatmeal, it’s McCann’s Irish Oatmeal Brûlée topped with sautéed green apples and red pears. There is also a Red Berry Risotto “Oatmeal” in a Crispity Wafer Bowl. It’s more of a rice pudding than an oatmeal (hence the quotation marks), but you can count this toward your oatmeal enjoyment, I won’t tell anyone. 

The Grey Dog (West Village, Chelsea, Union Square, NoLIta): The first location of The Grey Dog, named after the dogs of cofounding brothers Dave and Pete, opened in 1996 and the business has since expanded to four spots around town. Among items on their breakfast menus are two kinds of oatmeal. Guests can order Delaware Baked Oatmeal (with cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and steamed milk) or Irish Oatmeal. The Irish oatmeal is vegan and can be ordered plain, with bananas and/or berries, as well as with dried cranberries and shaved almonds.

Delaware Baked Oatmeal at The Grey Dog (Courtesy The Grey Dog)

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