Daa! Russian Dumplings Are Here to Stay

Daa! Russian Dumplings Are Here to Stay



Courtesy Daa! Dumplings

Daa! Dumplings, the popular Russian dumpling vendor previously seen popping up in Urban Space markets throughout the year, is opening its first ever brick and mortar store in Columbus Circle’s Turnstyle Underground Market this month. Owners Ksenia Kolesova and Raphael Nieto are dedicated to offering authentic Russian dumplings, called pelmeni, using the best local and fresh ingredients available. Pelmeni differs from other dumplings as they have a slightly thicker dough made from all-purpose flour, are steamed or boiled, and brushed with butter, a dash of vinegar, and herbs.


At Daa! Dumplings, guests are able to choose from pork “Siberian style”, beef, chicken, potato, and veal fillings, available either by 10 or 14 dumplings, with the option to choose two variations. Two-pound bags of frozen dumplings are also available for guests to prepare at home. Traditionally served with sour cream, a variety of additional imported Russian sauces will be offered including Georgian chili (or “adjika”), sweet pepper, and mustard mayo; and will include a New York deli-style pickle on the side. Specials such as bite-sized dumplings in chicken broth, handmade Khinkali (Georgian style soup dumplings), and sweet dumplings such as cherry or farmer's cheese, can be found on the menu. If you're feeling adventurous try Daa's soft drinks including Kvass, a Russian soda that is fermented with dark bread in a similar fashion to kombucha.


Daa! Dumplings is open from 9 am – 9 pm, 7 days a week, with a menu suitable for takeaway at any time of day.

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