Creative, Custom Cakes from BeBe Bakes

Creative, Custom Cakes from BeBe Bakes

Last week, I got to try a delicious slice of cake from BeBe Bakes, a custom-cake bakery owned and operated by Beth Bennett. I recently attended a party where one of Bennett’s creative desserts—a three layer chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla buttercream frosting—was served after dinner and it seemed unanimous that this was one of the best cakes any of us had eaten.

In addition to basic chocolate and vanilla, BeBe Bakes will make any combination of flavors you desire. Some of the bakery’s more popular flavors are listed online—almond cake with vanilla frosting and raspberry mousse, red velvet cake with peppermint white chocolate frosting and many more—but Bennett takes requests and says she “really enjoy[s] more adventuresome baking and trying new flavor combinations.” Best of all, Bennett doesn’t cover her cakes in fondant like many bakeries. “Though I do use [fondant] sometimes for accent pieces,” she says. “Most of my artwork is created with melted chocolate.”

Bennett says her interest in baking began “when my kids were small, making their birthday cakes and cupcakes.” After making cakes for friends too, she began her business, which she says “has grown steadily over [eight] years based on word of mouth.” Check out for details.

Photos: Courtesy of BeBe Bakes

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