Cooking at Haven’s Kitchen with Colman’s Mustard

Cooking at Haven’s Kitchen with Colman’s Mustard

Chicken wings with Colman’s Mustard dry rub and BBQ sauce

Earlier this week, I took a cooking class at Haven’s Kitchen featuring recipes for Super Bowl party-style snacks using Colman’s Mustard. Colman’s, a 200-year-old brand of English mustard, uses brown and white mustard seeds for a slightly different taste than your average condiment. It comes in powdered and “prepared” forms (the more sauce-like kind you would typically squirt onto a hot dog) so you can incorporate it into many recipes: from a tangy honey mustard aioli to a slightly sweet stout cake.

Haven’s Kitchen chefs David and Zoe walked us through a handful of recipes and cooking techniques to prepare a mustard-filled meal.

Stout cake with roasted pears spiced with Colman’s Mustard

We began by chopping vegetables, mixing ingredients for a dry rub and creating a béchamel sauce for dipping crudités. We learned to expertly toss cauliflower in a sauté pan, to cut skirt steak against the grain for a better bite of meat and to lay chicken wings away from you when frying in hot oil. I even learned how to properly carve a roast chicken.

The class lasted a couple of hours and was followed by dinner, where we got to try our mustard-spiced creations. Most interesting was the cake, which offered a unique aftertaste from the mustard powder. Haven’s Kitchen offers many other cooking classes as well as a café and event space. Colman’s is available at a few NYC locations, including Whole Foods.

Check out some of the Haven's Kitchen recipes using Colman's Mustard:

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