Chef Michael White Introduces Pasta On Demand

Chef Michael White Introduces Pasta On Demand

Tortelli from Chef Michael White's UberEATS "Pasta On Demand" menu (Courtesy Altamarea Group)

A reliable food delivery service is a must here in NYC. UberEATS is Uber’s—yes, that Uber—food delivery platform that gives you access to over 100 local restaurants, allowing you to get your favorite dishes brought right to your door.

I recently attended an event at Ristorante Morini, an upscale Italian establishment on the Upper East Side, where Chef Michael White debuted his UberEATS-specific menu for those who want fresh, flavorful pastas, salads and desserts delivered to them. This carefully curated “Pasta On Demand” menu, available exclusively through UberEATS, is designed with travel in mind to ensure that when your pasta arrives, it will be hot and al dente. If you order a salad, it will taste crisp and refreshing. And the desserts—oh, those decadent desserts—they will be a great sweet treat to round out your meal.

Chef Michael White’s focus for his “Pasta On Demand” menu is to have the highest quality food arrive at your door in the same shape it would be in if you ordered something at his restaurant. He purposefully left spaghetti off the menu because he knows it doesn’t travel well, which is the same reason why there are no chicken or fish options. That’s not to say that everything is a vegetarian dish, as there are three pastas that feature meats. The Creste option is a squid ink pasta with a shrimp and calamari ragù, Gramigna features macaroni and a ragù bolognese and the Agnolotti is a piemontese veal ravioli with wild mushroom, brown butter and sage. 

I love cheese, so I sampled the Caesar salad (topped with plenty of parmigiano-reggiano—yum) and found the romaine and red endive to be delightfully crunchy. I also had the tortelli—ricotta ravioli—that was covered in a flavorful pomodoro sauce with fresh, halved tomatoes and robust bits of basil. This was a light, but filling dish that tasted like a homecooked meal from my mom. Pasta is comfort food for a lot of people (myself included), so knowing you can get a quality meal delivered to your home, office, hotel, a park bench or wherever within the delivery area of Ristorante Morini, is equally comforting.

The “Pasta On Demand” menu offers a choice of desserts—tiramisu or bomboloni (small cinnamon sugar doughnuts). My affection for doughnuts is on par with my love for cheese, so I was enamored with the warm, fluffy bomboloni with their apple butter and vanilla anglaise dipping sauces. If you’re wondering how the tiramisu would ever survive travel from the restaurant to your location of choice, know that Chef Michael White’s version of this popular Italian dessert looks more like a sleek slice of layered cheesecake. Though sturdy in structure, the layers are light, smooth and distinct—espresso soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone mousse and amaretti. I’m not a coffee person at all but still found this to taste fantastic, as the espresso was not overpowering.

To order from Chef Michael White’s “Pasta On Demand” menu, you must first download the UberEATS app from the Apple Store or from Google Play. Once you’ve done that, you’re just a few taps away from fantastic food. The “Pasta On Demand” menu is available Sunday-Friday from noon to 9:30 pm, as well as Saturdays from 4 pm-9:30 pm.

Buon appetito!

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