Caliche Rum Cocktails at Jersey City Restaurant Amelia’s Bistro

Caliche Rum Cocktails at Jersey City Restaurant Amelia’s Bistro

A classic Caliche daiquiri

Last week, I had dinner at Jersey City’s Amelia’s Bistro where sixth generation rum maker Roberto Serrallés was promoting his distillery’s Caliche Rum. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Serrallés and his family has been making rum since 1865. More recently, they’ve become known for their best-selling rum Don Q and in March 2012, Serrallés began producing Caliche: a blend of several aged white rums. Since July is Daiquiri Month, this particular event highlighted Caliche in various daiquiri style drinks.

When I think of daiquiris, I usually think of a frozen strawberry beverage—light on the rum and heavy on the sugar. I was surprised to learn that daiquiris are more typically known as a light cocktail containing rum, lime juice and simple syrup. At the event, we were served seven Caliche daiquiris, ranging from classic options to more complicated concoctions. Some of the more unique varieties included a sparkling-wine-and-rum drink and an iced coffee cocktail.

Truffle mac & cheese from Amelia’s Bistro

Along with the cocktails, we enjoyed appetizers, three larger courses and a dessert courtesy of Amelia’s Bistro. For appetizers, the restaurant served a flat bread pizza and crostini, which comes in a dozen varieties—from crab and jalapeño to white beans and kale.

The next three courses included chicken meatballs and a creamy truffled mac & cheese that comes in small and large sizes with mushrooms, bacon and three kinds of cheese. I would love to go back and try more. I’d also love more of the dessert: crunchy Belgian waffles topped with marshmallows and ice cream.

Dessert at Amelia’s Bistro

Amelia’s Bistro regularly serves Caliche cocktails in addition to their full menu of unique and delicious dishes. For more information about Amelia’s, visit For more on Caliche, visit

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