Boozy Shakes, Floats and Cocktails That Taste Like Summer

Boozy Shakes, Floats and Cocktails That Taste Like Summer

Coney Island Brewing Company is winding summer down by collaborating on some boozy dessert cocktails and floats with three awesome NYC restaurants.

Through Labor Day weekend only, the restaurants are all featuring a trio of tasty concoctions, with each drink highlighting one of Coney Island Brewing Company’s craft hard sodas—Hard Orange Cream Ale, Hard Ginger Ale and Hard Root Beer.

Sugar and Plumm's boozy shakes and floats. (©Katie Labovitz)

Sugar and Plumm (Upper West Side)

•           Fireworks Float: Hard Ginger Ale, raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream garnished with red, white and blue gummies and whipped cream

•           Mango Tango Milkshake: Hard Orange Cream Ale, mango sorbet, vanilla ice cream garnished with whipped cream, mango puree and peach gummy hearts

•           Bacon Me Crazy: Hard Root Beer base, a shot of house-made Smokey Bacon Bourbon with two scoops of Tahitian vanilla ice cream floating and a touch of whipped cream


Butter & Scotch (Crown Heights, Brooklyn)

•           Brooklyn Roots: a Hard Root Beer-based cocktail featuring amaro, heavy cream and vanilla

•           Coney Creamsicle: a vanilla ice cream float with blood orange amaro and Hard Orange Cream Ale

•           Boardwalk Mule: a tasty twist on the Moscow Mule that features ginger liqueur, lime, coconut ice cream and Hard Ginger Ale


The Brooklyn Barge (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

•           Tugboat Float: a grown-up version of the traditional root beer float made with vanilla vodka, vanilla ice cream and Hard Root Beer

•           Message in a Bottle: get lost in this drink made with coconut rum and fresh lime juice, topped with Hard Orange Cream Ale.

•           The Sea Hag: rye whiskey and orange bitters, topped with Hard Ginger Ale

Sample size of the Fireworks Float. Yummy! (©Katie Labovitz)

I recently had the chance to visit Sugar and Plumm to try out this pop-up menu of adult desserts made with my favorite Coney Island Brewing Company brews. (Please note, we were given sample sizes of the drinks, but when you go to the restaurants, you'll get a nice big glass of goodness.) I loved the fruity flavors of both the Mango Tango Milkshake and the Fireworks Float. They tasted refreshing—like drinkable creamsicles—with the mix of the sorbets and vanilla ice cream. The Hard Orange Cream Ale and Hard Ginger Ale were present in their respective drinks, but not overpowering. These drinks are everything you love about summer in one glass, plus the gummy garnishes are as yummy as they are pretty to look at.

Sample size of the Bacon Me Crazy made with Coney Island Brewing Company Hard Root Beer. (©Katie Labovitz)

The Bacon Me Crazy float made me chuckle because the bacon-infused bourbon pairs so well with Coney Island Brewing Company’s Hard Root Beer. (I’m a bacon fan but never understood why people kept incorporating it into desserts. I get it now, okay. I get it.) I expected the bourbon and brew combination to make me feel warm and fuzzy, but instead this drink brings a chilled deliciousness with the addition of the vanilla ice cream.

As a side note, this was my first ever visit to Sugar and Plumm, though I know it won’t be my last. I thought at the event we were just going to try the boozy shakes and floats, but the chef graciously made us some amazing food including fresh hummus and vegetables, as well as my current favorite dish of all time—chicken and waffles.

These chicken and waffle bites went so, so well with our sample shakes at Sugar and Plumm. Thank you, Chef! (©Katie Labovitz)

I haven’t made it to Butter & Scotch or The Brooklyn Barge yet to try their Coney Island Brewing Company dessert drinks, but I imagine they are all equally tasty. (When you go try them, leave a comment below and let me know how they are!)

Though these pop-up menus are only available through Labor Day weekend, you can totally make your own boozy floats using your favorite Coney Island Brewing Company hard soda and whatever ice cream or mix-ins you want.

When I visited family over Fourth of July, my mom had a few 6-packs of Coney Island Brewing Company Hard Root Beer and Hard Orange Cream Ale waiting for my siblings and I. (These flavors, and the Hard Ginger Ale, along with some other Coney Island Brewing Company beers, are available outside of NYC.) My brother made a float with the Hard Root Beer and cinnamon ice cream. I texted him as I was writing this up to confirm the flavor he used and he told me that he would definitely recommend folks try chocolate peanut butter ice cream with the Coney Island Brewing Company Hard Root Beer.

Speaking of root beer floats, Saturday August 6 is National Root Beer Float Day and also happens to be the first anniversary of the Coney Island Brewing Company’s innovation brewery being open at Coney Island! They will be having an anniversary bash at the brewery from 1pm-6 pm, celebrating with Hard Root Beer floats, music and more in their beer garden. For more information about this event, as well as all the other fun things going on the rest of this summer at the Coney Island Brewing Company innovation brewery (tours, “tappy hour” and various other shenanigans), click here.

I visited the Coney Island Brewing Company innovation brewery back in April. It's a fun place with nice people and great beer. #TakeTheRide (©Katie Labovitz)

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