Bar Cyrk Brings Plenty of Razzle Dazzle to the Tribeca Dining Scene

Bar Cyrk Brings Plenty of Razzle Dazzle to the Tribeca Dining Scene

The Lower Manhattan neighborhood Tribeca is know for a lot of things—it’s a hub for the arts, with its namesake film festival drawing thousands of cinephiles to the area annually, and it also has a pretty interesting dining scene—with tried-and-true sushi spot Nobu and Tribeca Grill as foodie favorites. When it comes to the latter, interesting new eateries are popping up in the ultra-cool locale and I got a chance to eat at one this past Friday.

Bar Cyrk, which opened this past November, is a fun place—for those that don’t speak Polish “cyrk” means “circus” in English and Bar Cyrk is a play on "berserk," celebrating the circus that is New York City. No, this isn’t a Polish restaurant, but that just goes to show the quirkiness of the two folks behind the scenes: showbiz vets Owner and Proprietor Eric Schlagman and Executive Chef Miriam Rothstein. This is their first foray into the restaurant world and the “razzle dazzle” of their former occupations—and the circus—is evident in the space, a mix of deco and modern interior design, with mosaic glass tile walls, which Rothstein created herself, gold leaf ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and shout outs to entertainment, such as vintage applause signs from an old NYC theater and a sparkling 300-bulb antique circus marquee behind the bar. 

Although Bar Cyrk probably sounds like a happening nightlife spot, which it is—I saw actress Mischa Barton of The O.C. fame hanging out at the bar with friends during my visit, it is also a place to relax with a cup of coffee in the a.m. Folks can just pull up a seat and enjoy offerings from the 1920’s deco-style black glass espresso bar plus breakfast fare.

When it comes to lunch and dinner, the whimsy of the décor extends to the menu—a mix of pizzas with fancy fixins, interesting appetizers and, of course, the circus staple popcorn. While at the restaurant my dinner companion and I tried plenty of the venue’s offerings, from mouthwatering starters such as The Slidewhistle, ground chicken sliders on house-made pretzel bread topped with sliced tomato, onion and the eatery’s own ketchup, which packed a spicy punch; The Knife Thrower, the restaurant’s trio of grilled cheese sandwiches, including roasted tomato, white truffle and crispy chicken skin; The Acrobat, a plate of flavorful ginger chicken dumplings; and parmesan truffle popcorn.   

For the entrées, I sampled a few slices from the restaurant’s specialty pizza pies, including Circus Ball, a white pizza with a mix of shitake and button mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil and topped with grated parmesan; Calliope, a colorful mix of arugula and sliced duck prosciutto; and the classic Pizza Margherita. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I tried a trio of bite-size samples of cheesecake. I washed it all down with expertly mixed, creatively named, cocktails such as The Groucho, with tequila; and The Zeppo, a mix of spiced bourbon, fresh lemon juice, matcha-infused simple syrup, fresh mint and bitters.

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. until late and includes a brunch menu. For more, click here.

Photos courtesy John Simon


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