9 Tequila Craft Cocktails You Gotta Try This Week

9 Tequila Craft Cocktails You Gotta Try This Week

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My time working on cruise ships, porting out of Mexico for months provided me a deep—and drunken—education on the flavor nuances that could be found in Tequila. But it wasn't until I discovered Mezcal, its smokier cousin, that I fell in love. Forget the shot glass you can (and should) sip a high quality Tequila or Mezcal when you get a chance; flavor notes of new leather, clove or wet earth are just a few of the complex profiles you can discover.


So it come as no surprise to me that for the past couple years, the spirit has seen a resurgence—it’s become a star of craft cocktails. In its honor, we've collected some of the best tequila-based cocktails all over New York City that go beyond the traditional margarita. Enjoy.


Shades of Green

A vibrant mix of tequila, mezcal, martinique rum, velvet falernum, kiwi, and lime, De Maria's Shades of Green cocktail is a well balanced sweet and tart drink, with an undertone of smoke from the mezcal.


Wild Thoughts

Harvey at The Williamsburg Hotel’s offers the Wild Thoughts cocktail made with Cazadores Silver jalapeno infused tequila, mixed with honey, lime juice, and St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur - a spicy and floral combination.  



All-day cafe, Epistrophy, offers the Veneziano, made with tequila, Aperitivo Select, lime juice, a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice, and topped with soda water for a crisp finish.


Thyme Margarita

Le Fanfare’s herbaceous twist on the classic marg is made with El Jimador Tequila, thyme syrup, and lime juice - The Thyme Margarita.


Skills to Pay the Bills
Barano, the charming Italian restaurant located in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge offers up the Skills to Pay the Bills. This veggie based cocktail expertly blends Blanco Tequila, Olorosso Sherry, freshly squeezed Carrot Juice, Lime, Honey and Orange Bitters making for an unexpected must-try beverage.


Left to right: Radio Waves and The Twain from Patent Pending


We’ll Beet Again
A vibrant, spirit forward beverage from Greenwich Village craft cocktail bar, Analogue, is the We’ll Beet Again. A delectable combination of Tequila Cabeza, Beet Shrub, Vida Mescal and Yellow Chartreuse topped with soda, this magenta hued libation really lets tequila do the talking!

Radio Waves

Nomad’s newest cocktail cave, Patent Pending serves up a spicy cocktail named after the historic building it occupies. Radio Waves, made with cucumber & Thai basil infused tequila, mezcal, agricole rhum, lime, and Thai chili has the perfect amount of kick to provide balance to the refreshing drink.


The Twain
If you’re looking for something with less heat but full in flavor, Patent Pendings The Twain combines pear-infused tequila, Alpine Liqueur, gin, Woodruff, almond and lemon with freshly pressed Fuji apple juice. The drink is topped off with a dusting of nutmeg to provide contrast to the fruity cocktail.


Sweet Flight to the South
The Sweet Flight to the South – served at the chic French-Brazilian Two Bridges restaurant, Brigitte – is a light and floral cocktail perfect for celebrating the coming of spring. Featuring Avion tequila, crisp, sweet pear and fragrant elderflower, this cocktail is a subtle and balanced ode to spring.


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