7 Hot Spots to Watch the 2016 Election Results

7 Hot Spots to Watch the 2016 Election Results

Rock Center Café (Courtesy Patina Restaurant Group)

Well, it’s been quite a lead-up to the 2016 Presidential Election and, on Tuesday, November 8, millions of people around the world will be tuning in to see this historic election’s outcome. Here are seven places in NYC where you can watch live coverage on election night (and down a drink or several in the process…).

Rock Center Café (Rockefeller Center): Reserve a spot at the only restaurant in town with rinkside views of Democracy Plaza—the Rink at Rockefeller Plaza will have a map of the U.S. that will be filled in as states electoral votes are announced. Rock Center Café will be serving $12 specialty cocktails (“The Hillary,” “The Donald” and "The Undecided"), as well as $39 prix fixe meals with patriotic names including “POTUS Harvest Platter” and “Campaign Trail Chicken.” There will be live election coverage all night, as well as an on-going tally of which specialty cocktail gets ordered more.

Harding’s (Flatiron District): Folks who voted (hang onto that “I Voted” sticker you get at the polls!) can get a house cocktail, beer or choice of wine for $5. Election coverage and results will be shown on a big screen from noon until 2 am at the restaurant and those in attendance can join in on fun prize and raffle giveaways. Complimentary snacks will be available from 9 pm-10 pm.

Campeon (Union Square): The “Red, White & Blue Election Night Party” from 9 pm-11 pm will offer free “We’re Screwed” t-shirts to the first 200 people who buy a drink. There will also be $3 bottles of Budweiser, #3 cans of PBR and free American flags.

Black Forest Brooklyn (Fort Greene, Brooklyn): Enjoy authentic German cuisine while watching the results of this American election, projected live throughout the evening. There will be select half-price wine bottles and happy hour specials on certain beers.

Village Pourhouse (East Village): Specialty cocktails (“Donald Drumpf” and “Secret Server”) are only $8 from 8 pm-11 pm. There will also be Trump and Clinton piñatas that offer chances to win prizes like a tanning salon gift certificate, masks of the candidates, etc. 

AMC Empire 25 (Times Square): AMC Stubs Members can register for free passes to watch election results on the big screen. Partnering with CNN, AMC has designated 25 “Blue” theaters and 25 “Red” theaters, based on voter registration in the area. AMC Empire 25 is the city’s only theater participating in this event and will require blue passes to get in. (You don’t have to be a registered Democrat to watch the debate here, but you will need the blue pass.) The closest “Red” theater is in Paramus, NJ. Passes must be acquired online in advance of the screening and do not guarantee you tickets or a seat, so plan accordingly.

e’s BAR (Upper West Side): This dining and drinking establishment will serve $9 gin/lemon/club soda cocktails (with a splash of violet for “The Hillary” and a splash of cranberry for “The Donald”) in addition to having election coverage from 5 pm on Nov. 8 through midnight.

(Courtesy e's BAR)

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