A Trip to Key West in the Bronx at Orchid Evenings

A Trip to Key West in the Bronx at Orchid Evenings

This past weekend, I visited the sprawling 250-acre New York Botanical Garden for their Orchid Evenings event, part of their annual Orchid Show. Though snow still carpeted the grounds and gardens outside, in the tropical warmth of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, it felt like Key West. And it looked like Florida too: in addition to the show’s namesake orchids, palm trees and plants filled the space. Even the music— beach-y tunes spun by DJ T MIC—was relaxing and fit in with the overall aesthetic.

Upon entering the Conservatory, visitors were encouraged to shed their winter coats and grab a complimentary cocktail, courtesy of Jack From Brooklyn. Just past the coat check line, my friend and I were handed coupons for local restaurants. Many visitors also had their picture taken in front of a colorful display of flowers by a professional photographer.

Walking through the dimly lit Conservatory, we saw many varieties of orchids and learned interesting facts. Next to a group of hanging orchids, a tour guide informed us that some varieties grow outside of the ground because their roots don’t require soil. A placard next to another bunch of flowers explained that there are about 30,000 naturally occurring species of orchids and even more artificially created ones.

While it was a fun experience to see the Botanical Garden after dark, Orchid Evenings is an adults-only event. If you have kids, you can still check out the Orchid Show during normal daytime hours with an All-Garden Pass. If you like what you see, you can even purchase your own orchid to take home. For more information, visit nybg.org/exhibitions/2014/orchid-show.

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