The Anne Frank Center USA Delivers a Message of Tolerance

The Anne Frank Center USA Delivers a Message of Tolerance

During winter break of my senior year of college, I spent a week backpacking around continental Europe—visiting notable attractions like the piazzas of Rome, the quaint alleyways of Florence—teeming with sidewalk cafés, and the Romanesque and French Gothic-designed edifices of Paris.

While in Amsterdam, I was eager to see the Dutch city’s meandering waterways—flanked by storybook-esque canal houses, and visit a few attractions. As can be said with the other cities I visited, I wanted to know more about Amsterdam’s history. And, that history includes Anne Frank.

Born in Germany, Frank moved to the Netherland’s capital with her family in 1933, and, later, hid from Nazi persecution with her family and others in a few concealed rooms behind a bookcase in the building where her father, Otto, worked. I toured this portion of the 17th-century canal house—a historical site and museum—and got to see the rooms, as well as documents and objects that belonged to the people in hiding.

This side of the Atlantic, New York City is home to an extension of the historic site—The Anne Frank Center USA. Using Frank’s life and words, this small gallery—a partner of the Anne Frank House—in Lower Manhattan strives to bring to light the disastrous effects of injustice and prejudice.

While in the space, visitors can expect to find interactive displays, artifacts from the Holocaust, Frank family photos and more. The venue is also home to exhibitions, including The Helpers of the Secret Annex. Part of the Helpers, Heroes and Liberators season, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, the exhibition focuses on the heroic individuals who, along with maintaining Otto Frank’s business, provided food, clothes, medicine, and entertainment to Anne Frank and the seven other people hiding in The Secret Annex. On view thru Dec. 30, the exhibition includes letters, photos, artifacts, slides, large framed exhibit panels, and filmed interviews with Otto Frank.

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