Race on the River Aboard Halcyon Sailing

Race on the River Aboard Halcyon Sailing

This past summer, I had the opportunity to experience two amazing sailboat rides around the New York Harbor, but neither came close to the thrill of the sail I took this week aboard one of Halcyon Sailing’s three racing boats. This was Halcyon’s first year of sailing excursions, but their skippers all come from sailing backgrounds and will make you feel at ease on the water.

Tuesday morning, as my friend and I headed downtown to Halcyon’s Tribeca loft to prepare for the sail, I was a little worried about how close we would be to the Hudson River and how fast we’d be going. After a few minutes of sailing, however, I was used to the heeling, which is when the boat leans to the side. The company also provides jackets, pants and gloves to keep you dry and warm in addition to life vests and safety instructions.

After we met one of our skippers, Molly Haley, at Halcyon’s loft, we headed over to Pier 25 where the boats were docked. Our other skipper, Craig Page, founded the company along with Simon Karstoft. Both Molly and Craig were friendly and patient teachers as they showed us the basics of racing.

Once on the water, you can chose to sail south, around the Harbor, or north, up the Hudson. We opted for the northern route, which provided a breathtaking view of the skyline. It was a very windy day—a perfect day for a sail, according to the skippers—so we raced uptown, while my friend and I learned how to adjust the sails. After turning around, we slowly made our way back and got the chance to steer the boat.

Book your sail online and choose from an interactive racing lesson or a calmer ride. The three large boats each fit six people comfortably and Halcyon also offers group or corporate events. Check out halcyonsailing.com for details!

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