Art Without Boundaries at the Whitney

Art Without Boundaries at the Whitney

Museums are like mazes, with artwork sectioned off by long corridors, thick walls and meandering hallways. The Whitney Museum of American Art has basically put an end to all that with its current exhibition, Open Plan. As the name suggests, the museum turned its 18,200-square-foot, fifth-floor space into a single open gallery.

Essentially five separate exhibitions over the span of a few months, Andrea Fraser presented Down the River—her site-specific project using audio recorded at a correctional facility to bridge the gap between museums and these institutions—February 26 thru March 13.

Open Plan: Lucy Dodd will be on view in the space March 17 thru 20. With this installment of the exhibition, Dodd will transform the gallery into an area of artistic exploration and live action, bringing her studio activities, as well as performances by musicians, into the space.

Open Plan: Michael Heizer will be on view March 25 thru April 10. His part in the series will include Actual Size: Munich Rotary, a full-scale photographic documentation of the horizon from inside an 18-foot-deep hole he dug in Munich. Jazz musician Cecil Taylor will perform in the gallery April 15 thru 24 while museumgoers view a retrospective of his career via photos, audio and more. Steve McQueen, visual artist and director of the Academy Award-winning film 12 Years a Slave, will showcase an expanded version of End Credits—a film thatpresents documents from the FBI file kept on performer Paul Robeson—from April 29 thru May 14.  

Photo: Lucy Dodd (b. 1981), installation view of Wuv Shack at David Lewis Gallery, 2015. Courtesy the artist and David Lewis Gallery, New York. Photograph by Jenny Kim


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