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Top Rooftop Bars and Lounges

Kaira Sperduto
Concierge, Pod 51 Hotel
Kaira Sperduto
Concierge, Pod 51 Hotel
230 E. 51st St.

Pod 39 Rooftop

The onset of warm weather is a big deal to New Yorkers for a number of reasons: bopping to the beat at open-air concerts, shopping the racks of pop-up street fairs, and more. Probably most important, the city’s rooftop lounges are finally opening up for the season, which means city-dwellers and big-city visitors alike can take in bird’s-eye views of this sprawling metropolis while sipping a creative cocktail whipped up by some of NYC’s best mixologists.

Kaira Sperduto, Concierge at Pod 51 Hotel

Kaira Sperduto, an almost-seven-year concierge at Pod 51 Hotel, says the opportunity to take in amazing views of the city while enjoying good company is her favorite thing about spending time at the city’s rooftop venues plus “seeing great city views makes me take in a breath, smile and it reminds me why I moved here; I'm still happy, grateful and excited to be a New Yorker.” Here she shares her top picks for rooftop bars and lounges.

“Pod 51's sister hotel, Pod 39 Hotel, has a killer Rooftop,” she says. “With some of the original architectural facades still intact—juxtaposed to the New York City backdrop—you can't go wrong. Take in a great city view with unique Latin-inspired cocktails.” At the space, which includes an eclectic mix of modern touches—from the black-and-white awning over the cabana bar to dashes of Greek architecture, including Corinthian columns throughout the perimeter of the space—visitors can enjoy views of Midtown East office buildings, including the iconic Chrysler Building from certain points, as well as One World Trade Center to the south.

Speaking of world-famous Big Apple buildings, “views of iconic New York City skyscrapers make me swoon,” Sperduto says. “And that is exactly what you'll get at Spy Glass, a stunning view of The Empire State Building.” The space is perched atop David Burke’s fabrick restaurant in Midtown West and “what better way to enjoy a summer evening than by drinking an Empire State, with Hendrick's Gin, St. Germain and Ginger Basil, while taking in views of the Empire State,” Sperduto exclaims.

Upstairs at The Kimberly

“Sometimes a gal likes to sit down and take a load off,” Sperduto says, and what better place to do just that than at aptly named Upstairs, the bar perched atop The Kimberly Hotel. “I love that there's an option to sit down and enjoy your cocktail and perhaps take in a few small snacks with a magnificent view of the Chrysler Building.  It takes everything to not hum the tune of the Sex and City theme song.” And, if the weather gets a bit chilly, Sperduto says have no fear, as the venue is enclosed during the cold-weather months “so you can take in the view all year round.”