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Michael Sinatra
Concierge, Park Hyatt New York
Michael Sinatra
Concierge, Park Hyatt New York
153 W. 57th St.

Queen of the Night (©Joan Marcus)

“The best thing about the New York theater scene is the variety,” says Michael Sinatra, who currently serves as a concierge at the Park Hyatt New York (153 W. 57th St., 646.774.1234) and tries to see at least two shows a week. “You can see a classic Broadway show one night, then go to a cabaret club or the opera or the ballet...then you see something more unconventional and take part in the show, there is always so much to see,” he continues. Here, Sinatra chimes in on his top three picks for current shows to see in the Big Apple.

Michael Sinatra, Concierge, Park Hyatt New York

First up, he recommends a trip to the dinner theater experience Queen of the Night—a mix of theater, dining, nightlife and more, loosely based on Mozart’s “The Magic Flute,” which is currently performing below the Paramount Hotel at the Diamond Horseshoe.“As the ‘show’ goes on, witness incredible dance and acrobatics—sometimes right on your table—all amounting to a playful evening of sensual elegance,” Sinatra says, suggesting that audience members say “yes” to anything they are asked to do. “Before the evening’s end, I had bartered for lobster, helped ease a bathing princess’ nerves and was spoon-fed dessert,” he continues.

Then She Fell (©Darial Sneed)

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Lewis Carroll’s classic tale Alice in Wonderland gets a creepy reimagining in the form of Then She Fell, currently performing at a former parochial school—transformed into the eerie Kingsland Ward, where the beloved characters are portrayed as patients in a mental hospital. “You wander through the dreamscape of Lewis Carroll’s mind, equipped with keys that open certain doors and drawers as you explore.” Sinatra says. “Most of the time is spent on your own, one-on-one with the characters, and is utterly surreal. Tea parties are had, roses are painted red and along the way you gain insight into Carroll’s relationship with Alice. The self-reflective finale profoundly resonates, making this one of the best experiences I’ve had in New York.” Keep in mind you must be 21 or older (except for special 18+ performances) to experience this show.

Into the Woods (©Joan Marcus)

“The content of Into the Woods is so rich that just about any production is worth seeing, but Fiasco Theater Company’s Off-Broadway production is fantastic,” Sinatra says, adding that Ben Steinfeld’s ‘No More’ was a highlight for him. “In this folky retelling, the cast members cleverly play multiple characters (princes become stepsisters in a blink), their own instruments (Milky White’s cow bell) and even create the sound effects—creativity and talent abound.” The show officially opens January 22 at The Laura Pels Theatre.