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Top Three Midtown Attractions

Renaldo Moore
Chef Concierge, Ameritania Hotel At Times Square
Renaldo Moore
Chef Concierge, Ameritania Hotel At Times Square
230 W. 54th St.

Times Square

There are tons of great reasons to visit New York City—from the exceptional cuisine, to the best of Broadway, and, of course, the almost never-ending list of iconic attractions both on and off the island. Here, Renaldo Moore, Chef Concierge at Ameritania Hotel At Times Square recommends his top picks for photo-op-worthy attractions to check out in Midtown Manhattan.

Renaldo Moore, Chef Concierge at Ameritania Hotel At Times Square

“You can't describe New York City without mentioning Times Square,” Moore says. “It is the heartbeat of our city and there is nothing more magical than standing in the ‘center of the world.’’’ The historic area, spanning W. 42nd to W. 47th streets and Broadway to Seventh Avenue, was once home to the venerable New York Times’ offices and today boasts larger-than-life retailers and restaurants, as well as a sprinkling of theaters with bright marquees enticing passersby to see the world-class shows housed within. “I love being mesmerized by the lights and the idea that thousands of people are experiencing New York for the first time at that moment,” Moore continues.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A little farther east on Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st streets, the Gothic-designed, Roman Catholic St. Patrick's Cathedral has served as a parish church since its inception in the mid 19th century. “I love the cathedral because it is the perfect example of the beauty in our history here in New York City,” Moore says. “The old gothic architecture brings you back to another time, and the serenity within the walls is just what you need after a long day.” The cathedral is currently undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation, with an expected completion date in September—just in time for Pope Francis’ visit to New York City.

Empire State Building

At one point the tallest building in the world—and an oft-used locale for meet-cutes in romantic comedies, the Empire State Building, located on Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th streets, is “the beacon of our city and just as alive as the rest of us,” Moore says. “At night, the lights atop the city celebrate the people within, from holidays to sports victories to gay pride. The Empire State Building is a symbol for everyone in New York City.” Besides taking in bird’s-eye-views of the city from the skyscraper’s open-air 86th Floor Observation Deck and 102 Floor Top Deck, visitors can also marvel at the Art-Deco ceiling murals in the lobby and learn more about the structure via special exhibitions and interactive audio devices.