Earlier this week, I got to check out the two-month-old K Rico South American Steakhouse in Hell’s Kitchen.

Nestled on an unassuming block north of the Flatiron District, Ben & Jack’s Steak House offers great food in a warm setting.

Nothing beats that traditional, men's club look of Bobby Van's Grill when it comes to the right digs for digging into serious meat.

In this city filled with people used to living in apartments the size of a shoe box, it is always impressive to find vast amounts of space, like The Angus Club Steakhouse.

A testosterone-fueled play like Orphans demands a steak afterward. That was my logic when I steered my companion and me to Angus’ Café and Bistro after Orphans’ Tuesday preview. Angus’, formerly known as Angus McIndoe, serves what is arguably the best bargain in the Theater District: a 38-oz. porterhouse T-bone for two, prix fixe at either $79 or $99.

Many a restaurant pitches its “homey” feel. But dining at Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte really is like eating at home – because there’s only one main course served: steak. A simple hangar steak, adorned with a secret green, mustardy sauce. Oh, and frites. Lots of frites.

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