Here are four fantastic must-have shoes from Stuart Weitzman for a fashionable NYC Fall getaway

Sneakers are a must when you’re touring NYC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pound the pavement in style.

You'll have to travel the globe to snag this new collection of luxury high heels from queen of whimsy Charlotte Olympia.

There’s something about being in an airport that makes me feel both overdressed and underdressed at the same time. On the one hand, you see the breed of towering, beautiful women strutting by in their six-inch Laboutin heels, impossibly slim trousers and more jewelry than I own (how they make it through metal-sensitive security checkpoints, I’ll never know). The opposite side of the spectrum consists of those who threw on sweatpants, a baggy T-shirt and flip-flops (even if it’s snowing out)—an outfit I might clean my house in. What globe-trotting women choose to wear showcases their values when it comes to clothing—unbeatable comfort, flawless style or something else entirely—which is why I try combine a mix of chic, layered garments with comfortable shoes.

New Balance has always been an easy choice when it comes to quality, comfortable sneakers (my grandfather claims they solved his knee problems).

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