Empire State Building

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New to the Big Apple? Here are some great ideas to help you explore the city!

Space Shuttle Enterprise (©Katie Labovitz)

Here are some of my favorite adventures from 2016.

(Courtesy City Sightseeing New York)

Here are some great sales to shop, sights to see and food to eat around NYC on your days off this Independence Day weekend.

Thirty stories above Times Square, a lounge called Skylark offers Midtown sightlines as good as they get without hitching a drone.

New York City is home to some of the world’s most noteworthy attractions. No matter what’s on the agenda, the Big Apple has it. Here are a five faves.

This time of year, New York City abounds in holiday displays. One of the sweetest (and I mean that literally) is currently on view in the lobby of Le Parker Meridien hotel. Dubbed the Gingerbread Extravaganza, it's an exhibit of elaborate gingerbread houses created by restaurants and bakeries around town. The theme for this year (it's an annual display, sponsored by City Harvest, a nonprofit that helps the hungry) is "quintessential New York", and that translated to clever culinary minds into a range of ingenious scenes and iconic sights, from the Empire State Building to Coney Island.

The Empire State Building is probably the most recognizable landmark in New York City. At 1,454 feet from base to antenna, it soars above its Midtown Manhattan neighborhoods and can be seen from quite a distance.

Let’s face it. No other city does holidays the way NYC does.

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