Where Do You Keep Your Tony Award?

Where Do You Keep Your Tony Award?

You’ve won a Tony Award, Broadway’s most coveted honor. So, where do you keep it? We asked these four past winners.

Tommy Tune: The actor, director and choreographer has nine Tonys, which he has arranged on a bookshelf ladder in his apartment. “There are nine rungs on the ladder,” he says, “and there’s one on each.”

Chita Rivera: The two-time Best Actress in a Musical likes to keep her “twins” together. “It seems to make them happy,” she says. “They’re in a glass cabinet in my living room. When walking by, I sometimes slow down and look in disbelief.”

Joel Grey: Grey won a slew of awards as The Emcee in Cabaret, including a Tony, which is on a windowsill in his study. “I keep it with my Oscar—how pushy is that!” he says. “The Oscar is in the center, beside the Golden Globe and BAFTA.”

Donna McKechnie: Tragedy befell McKechnie’s 1976 prize (for Best Actress in a Musical, A Chorus Line): “My cat knocked my Tony off the mantel, and the stem broke. I put it in a brown paper bag … I guess the message is, the feeling is inside, not in the object.”