A Valentine to Off-Broadway’s Most Romantic Couple

A Valentine to Off-Broadway’s Most Romantic Couple

Adam Halpin and Megan McGinnis in “Daddy Long Legs.” (©Jeremy Daniel)

Adam Halpin and Megan McGinnis fall in love eight performances a week in the Off-Broadway musical “Daddy Long Legs” at the Davenport Theatre. Offstage, they’ve been Mr. and Mrs. since September 2013. Here they answer our Valentine’s Day questionnaire. Our conclusion: These two hearts beat as one.

Q: Is Adam/Megan a romantic?

MEGAN: Adam is incredibly romantic. I would say more so than I am, although we tend to express our romance in different ways. He is incredible with words. Every card he writes me is as good as any romantic poem I’ve ever read! And I tend to surprise him with actions—surprising him with a dinner or an event.

ADAM: This could potentially get me in trouble, so I’ll attempt to answer truthfully and not like a politician! Megan is romantic, definitely. But not, I would say, always in the traditional/typical sense. Generally, she’s touched most by the thoughtful things I’d do that would help make her day easier or lighter. She deeply appreciates and loves when I do something unexpected that is helpful to her or us. Truthfully, I think that speaks volumes to the special person she is. Yes, she loves flowers, dinners (I’m the cook in the family) and the like, but the gesture in the context of her having a hard day or week—or me taking a weight off her shoulders in some way—affects her the most.

Q: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for the other?

MEGAN: When Adam proposed to me, he played a song on his guitar, the Beatles’ “And I Love Her.” He has been playing his whole life and I LOVE when he plays for me. I’ve never played guitar, so I decided that as a gift on our wedding day, I would get up in front of all of our guests and play HIM a song! So, for months, I secretly learned one song. Right at the beginning of our reception, I got out my hidden guitar and sat him down and sang “The Nearness of You.” I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous than in that moment!

ADAM: Apparently we interpreted this question differently! (She answered hers first because she’s an A student.) My initial answer: Megan’s done many things that strike me as romantic, including learning a song on guitar for me (an instrument she’s never played) at our reception and singing it to me. But one unexpected gift that made the tears seriously flow (yes, I’m a sap) was her hand-making and designing a coffee table book with pictures, printouts, receipts, descriptions and more from our 15-day honeymoon in Italy. It’s something that’s for both of us, but I know it took many weeks to create. I was doing a play out of town last winter, and when I came home to this treat, having missed her and our apartment, seeing this gift hit me quite hard.

Q: What’s the most romantic part of being onstage together in “Daddy Long Legs”?

MEGAN: It’s hard to beat the proposal at the very end of the show, but actually my very most favorite romantic moment is a very small one when I sing, “We think the same thoughts, we share the same dreams, and when we’re laughing, I swear time stands still. At least that how it seems.” And on the line, “and when we’re laughing,” I look at him and he smiles at me and I just MELT.

ADAM: Our final scene. It’s wonderful every time.

Q: Imagine your most romantic evening in New York. What would it be like?

MEGAN: Anything with Adam by my side is romantic. Sometimes we’re just running around NYC doing errands and I think, “I could not be happier!” But I will say, we are both foodies, so a good meal makes the top of my list for a romantic night.

ADAM: Oh man, the dreamer in me is having a field day with this possibility. OK, let’s say it’s wintertime, like it is now. After spending an afternoon in our pjs watching Netflix under blankets in our brand-new Washington Heights apartment with complete unobstructed downtown views, we’d watch the sunset with a glass of wine, a French baguette, cheese and olives. Next, we’d head to Eleven Madison Park for dinner. Finally, we’d walk around the heart of the West Village, maybe stop by Little Branch for a cocktail and some live music. That sounds like a lovely plan.

Q: Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, but it it falls on a Sunday, a two-show day for you. Is that a bummer?

MEGAN: Oh gosh, I hadn’t thought about it being a two-show day. But the truth is, I’ve never really been such a fan of Valentine’s Day. There are always such high expectations, and it’s really just a wonderful reminder to love those around you. The last couple of years we have stayed home and cooked. So, I think it will be lovely to share the love story of Jerusha and Jarvis [their characters in ”Daddy Long Legs”] twice that day and then cook a nice dinner in our home afterward.

ADAM: I think I plotted it out rather well already, don’t you? :)

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